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Archive: July 2015

Exhibition at Meken in Smedjebacken, Dalacarlia, Sweden


An exhibition of contemporary tapestry

18 June to 30 August 2015

Tuesday-Friday. 11-17 Saturday-Sunday noon. 11-15

In collaboration with Alice Lund Textiles Meken takes a holistic approach to weaving from raw materials to use to be and artwork.

Through the centuries, runs the warp threads as a carrier of information in all cultures. The knowledge to weave textiles that protected against the weather and warmed our homes has been one of the prerequisites for human survival since the Stone Age. If you follow the thread spun backward disappears into the mists of mysticism. In the Nordic Norns shaped wires whose length ruled people’s destinies and of every culture is mythological explanations for the craft that was equated with creating.

Around the turn of the century, nearly every house and farm in our area their own loom. As the industrial development there was a decline in the number who learned to weave as throughout the world right now is being turned into a WEAVLOUTION! with the field of art as a motor.

The exhibition shows the leading textile artists, studios and manufacturers along with craftsmen and designers of the international situation in the fabric today. Participates makes Annika Ekdahl, Barbro Lomakka, Helena Hernmarck, Kazuyo Nomura, Mary Ray Johansson, My Draiby, Alice Lund Textiles, HV, and Wålstedts Textile Workshop with several.

The craftsmanship and the work is also an important part of WEAVOLUTION! Every Wednesday 14-17 are local members of the National Association for hand weaving on hand to demonstrate and instruct the person who wants to try, and see how to weave.

The exhibition ends with textile talks

SUNDAY, August 30



Here is a photo gallery from the show.

Artists in order:

Interior textiles from Alice Lund Textiles (Helena Hernmarck tapestry, woven at ALT)

The fine exhibition hall, Barbro Lomakka, Helena Hernmarck and Annika Ekdahl

My Draiby, tapestry and video art integrated.

Kazuyo Nomura

Wålstedts Textile Workshop

Mary Ray Johansson (who also portrayed in the nextissue of VÄV that is published in August)

Annika Ekdahl

Helena Hernmarck

and weaves from local weavers.

Very  impressive!



Meken_MG_9838 Meken_MG_9842 Meken_MG_9851   Meken_MG_9850 Meken_MG_9844 Meken_MG_9846Meken_MG_9830 Meken_MG_9833 Meken_MG_9835 Meken_MG_9848 Meken_MG_9827