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Världens Vida Väv

Exhibition at Meken in Smedjebacken, Dalacarlia, Sweden


An exhibition of contemporary tapestry

18 June to 30 August 2015

Tuesday-Friday. 11-17 Saturday-Sunday noon. 11-15

In collaboration with Alice Lund Textiles Meken takes a holistic approach to weaving from raw materials to use to be and artwork.

Through the centuries, runs the warp threads as a carrier of information in all cultures. The knowledge to weave textiles that protected against the weather and warmed our homes has been one of the prerequisites for human survival since the Stone Age. If you follow the thread spun backward disappears into the mists of mysticism. In the Nordic Norns shaped wires whose length ruled people’s destinies and of every culture is mythological explanations for the craft that was equated with creating.

Around the turn of the century, nearly every house and farm in our area their own loom. As the industrial development there was a decline in the number who learned to weave as throughout the world right now is being turned into a WEAVLOUTION! with the field of art as a motor.

The exhibition shows the leading textile artists, studios and manufacturers along with craftsmen and designers of the international situation in the fabric today. Participates makes Annika Ekdahl, Barbro Lomakka, Helena Hernmarck, Kazuyo Nomura, Mary Ray Johansson, My Draiby, Alice Lund Textiles, HV, and Wålstedts Textile Workshop with several.

The craftsmanship and the work is also an important part of WEAVOLUTION! Every Wednesday 14-17 are local members of the National Association for hand weaving on hand to demonstrate and instruct the person who wants to try, and see how to weave.

The exhibition ends with textile talks

SUNDAY, August 30



Here is a photo gallery from the show.

Artists in order:

Interior textiles from Alice Lund Textiles (Helena Hernmarck tapestry, woven at ALT)

The fine exhibition hall, Barbro Lomakka, Helena Hernmarck and Annika Ekdahl

My Draiby, tapestry and video art integrated.

Kazuyo Nomura

Wålstedts Textile Workshop

Mary Ray Johansson (who also portrayed in the nextissue of VÄV that is published in August)

Annika Ekdahl

Helena Hernmarck

and weaves from local weavers.

Very  impressive!



Meken_MG_9838 Meken_MG_9842 Meken_MG_9851   Meken_MG_9850 Meken_MG_9844 Meken_MG_9846Meken_MG_9830 Meken_MG_9833 Meken_MG_9835 Meken_MG_9848 Meken_MG_9827





Textile events in Stockholm

Two intense days of great experiences and fun meetings.

Here are a few:

Lomakka at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

And Almgren Silk Weaving on Södermalm in Stockholm.

The exhibition continues t o m 21 February. SEE IT!


Innovative and exciting. Technical brilliance grounded in the craft. In a stunning setting!


almgr-lomakka_MG_6400 almgr-lomakka_MG_6412 almgr-lomakka_MG_6413


VERONICA NYGREN  at  Thielska galleriet på Djurgården i Stockholm, until 31 maj.


Hedvig Hedqvist writes about  Veronica Nygren i next VÄV!


JORD, NAVAJOGOBELIN, 1983 65 x 100 cm.



LIN MORGON, 130×230 cm. Navajogobelin. By Handarbetets Vänner, Kajsastina Wickman, master weaver. 1994.


HAREN OM HÖSTEN, 150×200 cm Navajogobelin. By Handarbetets Vänner, Kajsastina Wickman, master in weaving, 1982.




 The Large Gallery displays Finnish rugs.

It is a very nice selection showing the technique, history and artists significance.

Do you want to learn more about the Finnish ryorna and Finnish textile published vävmagasinet 4/10 a major theme issue.



Desgin Ritva Puotila, by  FINSKA HANDARBETETS VÄNNER. www.visithelsinki.fi


Bedcover in rya from Dr. Tuomas Sopanen collections. 


The Little Gallery at the HV displayed original designs from the 1950s and ’60s, along with

newly developed embroidery designed by Ann-Sofie Svansbo.

The embroideries are designed the known textile artists to Östergötland County Hemslöjdsförening

and is now on the New Museum in Linköping.

Anna Lindqvist, New Museum and Ann-Sofie Svansbo, Hemslöjden in Östergötland,

has written the book Embroidery from the 50th and 60th centuries where the newly developed

designs with descriptions available together with texts about the artists.

The book can be ordered through Bokdisken. www.vavmagasinet.se.

See the exhibition, buy a pack materials and embroider your way through some of the great

artists pattern.



Silverrosor by Elsa Agélii.


New design by Ann-Sofie Svansbo.


And finally a big thanks to the Friends you for creating this opportunity for exhibitions.

We look forward to many textile experiences to come.



Brinna för vävning (Brinna= burning (enthusiastic for something) for weaving on Matchmuseum in Jönköping, Sweden

The heat strikes me when I step into the exhibition space. What a creativity!

Hand Weavers in Jönköping is a group for everyone who wants to weave.

The exhibition runs through March 1 and for us it was well worth 260 km solely for this.

The area has great restaurants if you want something in your stomach.

You’ve come to the right place!





From a workshop.


Stickor på rad, (Matches on a row) weftwise repp, Carina Stavander.


Solstickepojke in damask, Irma Edstrand.


Solasken and Brinnande kvist, Catharina Åstrand.

brinna-for-vaven_MG_6079PlaP och kudde i Plaids and cushion in honeycomb by Maria Gustavsson.


Burning by Jill Englund.

brinna-for-vaven_MG_6105 brinna-for-vaven_MG_6107 brinna-for-vaven_MG_6108

Miss Match by Klara Nero.


Rugs: Solglitter i vågorna, AnnMari Turesson, Eld och sot, Ing-Brith Jonsson, rug by Annmari Adelin.



Woven jewelry: Lena Gunnarsson and Eva Hannerz.


Poncho, Karin Samuelsson.


Bracelet, Ing-Brith Jonsson.

Thought-provoking facts! What do we do to get education, study and therapy departments to understand the value of weaving, at all levels!



A little story:

When we were visiting a woman comes in and wants to learn to weave. Come join the association, we have a weaving workshop !. How was it resolved. Lovely!


Floating Threads from HV

The textile crafts and textile art needs to be seen!

It’s refreshing when it is done in new contexts.

Riche little bar in Stockholm shows between December 3 and January 17 an installation of textile art from HV;

Tapestries, photo collage of embroidery designed by Edna Martin, soaring turquoise takpällar” with a textile ornate maritime backdrop.

Opening evening to honor all got a nice box with a jellyfish embroidery with the admonition to embroider!

Best embroidery honored with an embroidery course at HV.

During the evening went embroidery around among the visitors.



hv-riche_MG_5197 hv-riche_MG_5213 hv-riche_MG_5203hv-riche_MG_5191 hv-riche_MG_5230 hv-riche_MG_5321